Work and Live in Canada Without A Work Permit


Canada welcomes experts with advanced degrees and competent labour who can advance our economy. If you are seeking work but lack the necessary qualifications or work permission for Canada.

You can be qualified to apply for many jobs in Canada and begin working there right immediately. We will talk about employment in Canada that you can perform without a work visa in this article.

Jobs You Can Do Without A Work Permit In Canada

1. Healthcare student

Without a work permit in hand, you are free to work and study as a healthcare student. You will work in a hospital, clinic or medical center and may have opportunities to work at a small office or for a large corporation.


2. Foreign Affairs Officers

International relations and foreign affairs officers can also come to Canada without a work permit if they are in the status of an ‘Ambassador Extraordinary or Minister Plenipotentiary’. This visa is given to high performers but there are very few of them in Canada, while thousands of workers are working with this visa each year.

3. News reporter

In Canada, news reporters can work without a work permit. If they are working in another country they need a have in possession a press license that will serve as proof during the visa application process. They have to have a notification letter submitted to the Canadian visa office at least a week before arrival.

4. Public speaker

If you have been invited to speak at a conference or as a guest lecturer, as long as the invitation comes from a university, college, professional association, or business, you can work in Canada without a work permit.

5. Expert investigator

If you are hired by an organization to investigate an issue and come up with solutions, like how to improve the environment and make it economically sustainable, then you can work in Canada without a work permit. You must be consulting with government officials in the process of your investigation.

6. Emergency service providers

Emergency service providers that help respond to incidents like forest fires and earthquakes are allowed to work in Canada without a work permit. It is also possible that local fire services, and emergency medical technicians come to Canada to help with a disaster relief operation.

7. Coach or Athlete

Canada will not recognize foreign licenses to coach or be an athlete. You must have a Canadian Minor Sports Coaching or Cheerleading Coaching Card if you want to teach or coach children and youth recreational sports, such as hockey, curling, and football. The Canadian Ministry of Health and the Canadian Sport Institute are the government bodies that issue this card.

8. Performing Artist

If you are in a performing arts group that will be touring Canada, you do not need a work permit. You can work for the duration of your performance. Your band cannot be a cover band; only original music is allowed.

9. Foreign government officer

If you’re an elected member of a foreign government and on official business or an official representative of your country, then you don’t need a Canadian work permit to roam Canada freely and attend meetings and conferences. If you want to stay longer than 90 days, however, then apply for a temporary resident visa.

10. Civil aviation inspector

You do not need a work permit to supervise or be a flight check engineer of aeroplanes and helicopters in Canada. Your work visa will be enough; keep it on you at all times while you’re working in Canada. Keep your passport with your visa, so that the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) can verify that you are indeed flying around Canada.

11. Judge or referee

If you’re contracted by an organization as an arbitrator or referee, then you don’t need a work permit to live and work in Canada for the duration of your contract. Apply for one if you want to stay longer than 3 months.


These are just a few examples of jobs that are permissible to perform in Canada without a work permit. To be sure you are able to work legally in Canada, always consult an immigration specialist before accepting a job offer.


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