Unskilled Jobs in Canada For Immigrants 2023: Learn How To Apply


Apply now for Unskilled Jobs in Canada for Africans in 2023. The need for workers has compelled the Canadian government to offer jobs in Canada to unskilled workers. The best part is that the average wage for unskilled workers is so high that the minimum wage combined with the average salary exceeds $20,000 per year.

The Canadian government intends to hire over a million immigrants to fill unskilled labour positions in Canada. Because locals are not recruited for these positions, they are the best opportunities for you to apply for.

As an unskilled/semi-skilled worker, the Provincial Nominee Program is your best option because the Express Entry Canada system works with the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Trades Program, and Canadian Experience Class, all of which require some level of qualification.


People Qualified As Immigrants

Your visa will be determined by whether you are a skilled or unskilled worker. If you fall into the latter category, you’ll have to choose between a working holiday and a temporary foreign worker visa. To apply, you must first find an employer willing to hire a foreigner through these programs (this is stated in the employer’s job advertisement). Be aware that finding work can be difficult because many employers prefer to hire Canadians first.

Once you’ve found a job, they’ll work with you to ensure your application is complete and any other documentation is in order. After that, they will send your application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for review.

Available Jobs in Canada For Immigrants

Job Title No. of Vacancies
General Farm Worker 320
Registered Practical Nurse (RPN) 125
Chefs/Cooks 140
Food Processing Worker 450
Supermarket Staffs 100
Room Attendant 250
Housekeeper 340
Live-in Caregiver 80
Factory Helper 180
Construction Worker 480
Cleaner 200
Fish Cutter 36
Dishwasher 50
Food Counter Attendant 15
Truck Driver 40
Farm Labourer 250
Helper 80
Bakery Production Worker 40
Meat Cutter 45
Kitchen Helpers 90
Poultry Farm Worker 200
Gas Station Worker 35
Warehouse Worker 40
Cloth Factory Worker 520
Cashier 20
Receptionist 50
Fruit Picker 510
Seasonal Farm Worker 120
Crop Harvesting Worker 120
Gardner 50

Requirements To Immigrate To Canada And Get Unskilled Worker Jobs

To immigrate as an immigrant you must;

  1. be at least 18 years old

  2. have a clean criminal record

  3. have no communicable diseases

  4. have no debt problems or financial troubles with your government

  5. not be dependent on drugs or alcohol.

Once you’ve checked off all of these items on your list, you’re almost ready to begin your process. You must also demonstrate that you can support yourself financially until you obtain Canadian citizenship (about four years after arrival) and, most importantly, that you can communicate in English or French fluently! So, if you meet these basic requirements for working as an unskilled worker in Canada, it’s time to register as an immigrant.

The Process After Being Approved – The Wait

The application process is not as simple as it is for other skilled positions; immigrants to Canada can wait anywhere from two to ten years for approval.

But don’t be discouraged; many foreigners still see immigrating to Canada as a worthwhile endeavour, particularly if you have no prior work experience.

If your visa is approved, and you decide to proceed with immigration, you should expect it to take some time, possibly several years, to settle into your new life.

Top Unskilled Jobs in Canada for Foreigners

Truck drivers, cleaners, housekeepers, labourers, and farmers are all examples of occupations. These are just a few examples of jobs that do not require prior experience. According to Statistics Canada, nearly 44% of all available jobs are considered entry-level and do not require any prior experience.

If you have never worked before or want to change careers, you may be able to find an unskilled job in Canada. Indeed, many foreigners are already employed in a variety of sectors within these industries. Some people choose jobs such as truck drivers because they will be able to travel without prior driving experience; another reason could be that these positions do not ask applicants about their educational background or what they studied while living abroad.


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